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Let's Play Fate/Stay Night

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Prologue Chapter 1: Nice Going Rin

It was a thrust like lightning.

WHAM in media res before even getting to the main menu. True to our protagonist's self-preservationist tendencies, we start the story being stabbed in the heart.

...or it would, but with another abrupt CLANG, it is repelled! What the hell is going on?

There we go.

There's an anime, a manga, a movie, and a game of Fate/Stay Night. All of them have this scene, pretty much undisturbed. Because it is a pretty memorable scene.

Whoever the hell I am (I am retaining the illusion that someone in the audience doesn't already know at least half the story), Mysterious Hot Armor Girl has apparently just appeared out of nowhere to save my ass and do my bidding.

Not that our hero cares, with being too busy noticing how breathtakingly smokin' his savior is.

Let's Play Fate/Stay Night
First Route:

Were you getting used to being that guy?


The story starts proper with a Ten Years Later flashback AND a shift in perspective, putting me in the role of this young lady here. The hand apparently belongs to her father, who is frightfully important and also - after the flashback - very dead. The reason for this is given as a war - not between countries, but between seven magi.

We have a name! I'll be doing big character intros as the game goes on, but Rin doesn't count as introduced yet because this is a flashback. My LP, I make up the rules.

January 31st

And it's the present! Rin begins her day in what I assume to be the usual way: arguing with her alarm clock about whether or not it's time to get up. She thought her clock was set 30 minutes early, but it's actually set 30 minutes late.

This won't be important later, so please don't keep it in mind.

I'm pretty sure Nasu has a Routine Fetish. Basically every day of this game, he puts way too much exposition into describing people getting up, washing their face, eating breakfast. I'll skip over it!

However, Rin's morning is rudely interrupted by a bus-sized load of exposition. The short of it: Rin is a magus, her family are magi, it's seeeecret. Normal people don't know magic exists in the setting we create here.

And what anime female lead would be complete without her MacGuffin Pendant? Rin's spend ten years putting her excess MP into this thing, so it's a hell of a thing by now.

But enough of this dicking around at the house it's time for school!
I mainly capped this because of this line:

This is more true than you can imagine.

More on that later. To school!

Time for our first proper character introduction!

Ayako "Not Appearing In This Game" Mitsuzuri

Mitsuzuri is Rin's Normal Person BFF. She is also, beyond the first day or two, staggeringly unimportant. For now, she quickly confirms a theory developing in Rin's mind - she didn't oversleep; rather, all the clocks in her house were an hour fast. Again, this will not be important later in any way, so please disregard it.

Both being here early, Rin and Mitsuzuri head over to the archery club (of which the latter is captain) to have some tea. Unimportant discussion of boys and clubs and stuff ensues.

And then we are interrupted!

Sakura "Dere dere dere dere" Matou

Since these two aren't particularly relevant to Rin's prologue here, she leaves almost immediately.

Unfortunately, that means I run into...

Shinji "Insufferable Dipshit" Matou

Shinji, at least in the first eight seconds of his intro, proves himself to be capable of not being a total creepe

Oh who am I kidding.

Shinji continues to be a mouth-breathing slimeball at Rin, right up to the point where she rejects him like a friend add from a russian LJ bot. Onwards!

Entering the school proper, I encounter one of the most epic people in this game.

Taiga "FUCK YEAH" Fujimura

Taiga only stops by briefly, but is mentioned to be a kendo black belt formerly known as the Tiger of Fuyuki. Like everyone else I've met so far, she heads for the archery range while I head elsewhere so that my rapid-fire minor character intros can continue.

Issei "Secret Gay Ending" Ryuudou

Issei's primary activity in this scene is hating girls, which he does at Rin with a passion for several screens of text, before...

...we have our first chance encounter with the REAL main character!

Shirou "Too Dumb To Live" Emiya

Shirou and Issei talk briefly about Being Manly and Fixing Stuff before leaving, Shirou barely acknowledging Rin's presence at all. Time for class!

Yukika "Who?" Saegusa

Remember how unimportant I said Mitsuzuri was before? Well, Saegusa here makes her look like a core character. I don't remember if she even shows up outside of the prologue. I couldn't even find a decently cropped picture of her on Google Image Search. I'm only mentioning her at all because of how unimportant she is, which seems somehow backwards. She has two friends who are so unimportant I'm not even going to screencap or name them.

Rin eats lunch alone, internal monologuing briefly about how much of an insane perfectionist she is.

Kuzuki ">:|" Souichirou

Mr. Homeroom Teacher only shows up for one screen of text in this scene, but goddammit I'm being thorough here.

School over, it's time to head home.

There's an ominous voicemail message waiting, from somebody named Kirei. He says something about a rapidly approaching deadline, and how all the Masters must be arranged quickly, so summon your Servant already. Well, then!

Putting aside what the hell that means, Rin steadily advances towards the Actual Plot! There's a lot of vague description here, but I'm gonna go ahead and make it even vaguer! Servants are some kind of famliiar and Rin wants Saber. Time to perform a summoning ritual!

Two in the morning. This exact timestamp is not important, so please ignore it, and do not associate it with any past information.

This makes me think of Bleach kido here.

Rin uses up half her supply of magic jewels on this spell. Magic pours in from the air. Surely this will go off without a hitch!

This TOTALLY AWESOME SPELL dramatically summons forth... nothing?


What could it be?

It's around now that Rin realizes, as you probably have, that all her clocks are an hour fast, meaning she performed the summoning an hour prior to her peak.

So who's this douchebag?

Whoever he is, he wastes no time in giving Rin the trolling of a lifetime. He only agrees to act as Servant so long as Rin agrees to hide in the basement like a loser until he wins on his own. Rin, however, has limited patience.

The Command Spell is a Master's ability to give three absolute orders to a Servant. The bigger the order, the less powerful the spell. Thus, it's best to spend them on small, immediate actions.

Which is why, of course, Rin goes and spends hers on making Archer obey whatever she tells him to do, forever and ever.


To be continued!

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