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Let's Play Cave Story

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Chapter 12: Last Cave

Previously on Cave Story: I was knocked unconscious!

Who is that?

Someone's calling for me!

So I guess I'm in jail.

How long have I been out?

Oh, look who's awake.
Thought you might be dead. You didn't flinch no matter how many times Sue smacked you.

This is the jail.
Those who try to defy the Doctor get thrown in here.
To be subjects for his experiments...
...That's what Sue said.

You a friend of hers?
You're a bit too late.
She used to be in here with us.
She was caring for you the whole time.
But just a little while ago, they came and took her away.

Just before they hauled her off, I saw her cram something into your pocket.

This is the first time I've shown the inventory screen!

This is Sue.
I don't believe I ever told you much about all of us.
We came to this island from the surface on a research trip.
Prof. Booster was on our helicopter, and so was my mother, my brother, various assistants... The Doctor as well.

He was there to serve our medical needs, and did so...
At least, until he found the Demon Crown...
That crown, once the property of the master of this island, grants monstrous magical powers upon its wearer...
The Doctor knew this even before coming to the island, which is why he wormed his way into our group in the first place.

Once he had the Crown in his possession, no one could stand up to him.
We had no choice except to continue our research of the island under his orders.
The Doctor seeks to rule the Earth's surface using this island as a base.
I think he plans to first attack the surface using the Mimigas as weapons.

Anyway, I was able to get away somehow, but I fear the other researchers are already...
Now, he's using the unsuspecting Mimigas to cultivate more and more red flowers.
Once he is ready to attack, he will drive the Mimigas into a murderous frenzy using the flowers.
Using his terrible powers, he will be able to control the raging Mimigas to do his bidding.
And that means I too, will...

If you can escape from this prison cell, look for the hideout hidden in the plantation.
If my mother is yet safe, she'll be there, coming up with a counterplan.
Please. Help my mother.
The password is "Litagano Motscloud".

Wow! Time to break out.

Fortunately for me, this is a very poorly-maintained jail!

And freedom!

Let's get rolling.

As an astute observer might have guessed, this is the secret hideout!

And now, a truly momentous occasion...


Nice hideout!

Oh, thank goodness...
I'm Momorin Sakamoto.
Sue's mother.
I used to take my chances working at the Doctor's side.
But once he found the seeds, he had no more use for me, so he had me tossed off the edge of the island.

Chivalry is dead, let me tell you.

But that's neither here nor there.
Right now I'm working on building a rocket, on that will get you to the Doctor's throne.
I don't quite have all the parts yet, though.

I just need to borrow this.

Booster v0.8 Taken.

I still need more parts to finish the rocket.
Are you busy right now?

[ Yes >No]

Ah, good answer.
Our savior indeed.
Here, put this on for now.

Charming, quite charming.
Perhaps it's a littlte big, but...
The Mimigas working the fields aren't allowed to speak with humans.
But with that mask on, you should be able to talk to them.
Are you with me so far?

To complete the rocket, I'll need plenty of electrical power.
If you could get ahold of one of those sprinklers they use out there, I think I might be able to work with that.
Please bring me back a Sprinkler.


Time to go talk to some Mimigas!

This is legitimately distressing!

Hey, you.
You're the new guy, right?
Go take that busted sprinkler in and exchange it for a new one.

But this is not enough!

Handed over the Broken Sprinkler.

Be nice to this one.



Let's see...
Plenty of juice in these batteries.
I think this may work.

Next, I need you to track down a man named Itoh.
He's an "engineer of considerable talent", to use his own words.
But he's also one of the most timid men I've ever met.
He fled from the Doctor right off the bat, but he can't have gotten far.

I think I remember a timid person!

Some kind of batmonster between the Outer Wall entrance and the hideout. The bats will swoop at me, but I can more or less leave it alone as long as I keep moving.

What's that?
Sakamoto's working on a rocket?
So she's still alive...
A fierce one, she is.
Nothing like me, that's for sure.

All right, then.
Take this.

I think that's what she's after.
Give Ms. Sakamoto my regards.


This is it, all right.
This is the Controller he's so proud of.

The analysis would be a lot easier if only he were actually here.
Well, I'll manage somehow.
Thank you very much.

It'll take quite a while before I'm finished, so why don't you rest over on that bed?


It's a thingy!

The rocket's all done.
You'll be able to take down the Doctor, right?
I believe in you.
Take this with you...

Got the Booster v0.8.

You won't be needing this anymore.

Mimiga Mask taken.

Directly above us is a path to the throne room.
You should be able to get there using the rocket.

The Mimigas are gone from the plantation.
...In other words, he may already be using the red flowers.
Go on.
Ride the rocket up to the Doctor's throne. Hurry!

And by "Hurry," I am quite confident she meant DICK AROUND EXPLORING THE PLANTATION

West wall:

A now-empty jail and a teleport back to Grasstown!

A life capsule!

Max HP: 45.

East wall:

A mysterious room?

A room with some statues, one of which is incomplete.

The incomplete one looks familiar...

Top wall:

The path to the throneroom!

If I go by booster, those Presses will slam shut on me in an instant.

Oh, also a dog.

I was told to bring this to you...

Got a Life Capsule!
Max health increased by 5!

So you're going to fight the Doctor? Good luck!
My tail wags only for you!
Oh, yeah, and tell Curly I said hi!


Okay, enough faffing about. Do we have clearance to launch?



And here we are!


[BGM - Last Cave ]

This place is, perhaps as expected, fraught with peril! The critters are about normal, but the spikes do ten damage per hit.

The red liquid dripping from the ceiling is, of course, also deadly!

It is outright pouring in some places!

Complex boost jumps surrounded by painful spikes! Don't make a wrong move!

Also, bats (2 damage) and lava (10 damage). Extra caution required!

A veritable maze of jumps and drops, with pain at every turn!

Climb, upwards and onwards!




[ BGM - Balcony ]

There are frenzied Mimigas here, on the very top of the island.

Am I too late?

Also, coincidentally, the original landing site of the Doctor's party!

The final point of reprieve.

One last giant Mimiga in my path. This one is much stronger than the one I fought in the Egg Corridor.

But then again, so am I.

We've reached the throne room!

But what awaits us ahead? Is it the Doctor?

To be continued!

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